Perth-Fremantle visit

Thursday 8th May 2008, Perth.

Went for a drive south of the city today to Fremantle and Rockingham area and as we left it a little late to leave we thought it would only be a get to see trip and decide if we want to go back later for a more in depth look. This is going to have to be a must to return there as the CBD of Fremantle is one that is different to any we have seen. The entire CBD is comprised of very old original buildings with no new ones that we noticed, with no building being over two or three stories high. The streets are also very narrow demonstrating that they were built for the day when built, being so narrow that when cars are parked on the side of the streets there is only just enough room to drive down between them. I am going to have to go back one day and take a heap of photos as we didn’t have enough time today. The area between Fremantle and Rockingham is another eye opener as the entire area, 20-30K, is filled with very large industries all having their wharfs for boat loading. In fact when we were getting closer to Rockingham we noticed a sign saying coastal tourist drive and a beach name ? so we went for a look. When we pulled into a parking area at the beach we were confronted with a nice enough little beach with a very long pier for boat loading on either end of the beach. When we finally arrived at Rockingham we decided that the first part we came to is obviously WA’s answer to the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, a very nice area with a large good beach and plenty of sky-scraper unit blocks. We are now really starting to realise that the scenery around WA is totally different to anywhere else that we have so far travelled.