Perth and more Dramas.

Wednesday 7th May 2008, Perth.

We are very nicely settled in now and consider that this park we are in would have to be one of the best in Perth. We have checked out the local area and had a look at a few things to do, but with the weather forecast not looking so good for the next few days we may not be able to do most of the things we hoped, but there is always later when Linda returns from Melbourne, or when we return from going north for the cooler months. We have had another setback with sightseeing as well: It all started last week with me developing some sort of gastric problem, I haven’t been able to sort it out yet because it has been hard to get myself an appointment with a doctor, but I do now have one on Friday. Linda has also indicated she has had minor heartburn as well so we have now started to suspect that our water tank in the van may have developed some sort of contamination. The water tank on the van has primarily been used for drinking water, being filtered before being put into the tank, so seeing all the water we drink comes from the tank, if it were contaminated this would explain our gastric problems. I decided this morning that we will not use the tank water any more and in the interim I have purchased a quantity of water for drinking. I had intended to get a sample of the tank water tested so we could confirm, or discount, our ideas but a quote revealed that they want $220.00 to do a test. I reckon it would be cheaper to replace the water tank and hoses completely for less than that, so for now we are going to wait and see the results of drinking purchased water, and also the results of the doctors visit on Friday, before we decide what further action will be taken. I guess if there needs to be any work to be done to rectify any problem I have the month I will be on my own while Linda is in Melbourne.

I guess now that we are settled in Perth for a period the reports on this site could be fewer and longer between.