Friday 2nd May 2008, Perth.

We have been in Perth now for 5 days and have had a little look around, both in the city area and other caravan parks. Our son-in-law Matt’s brother visited us last night and after dark took us into the city for a look at the night lights, and it was very interesting. We had another trip in there today to the same spot, Kings Park, and had a look at the same scenery in daylight, there are a couple of pics on Flickr. We do intend going back into the city on several occasions as unlike other capital cities Perth is not over large and it would not take much to see most of it on foot. I have found so far that Perth area is reasonably easy to drive around, then I have been using my GPS though. We are also looking forward to doing a ferry ride up and down the river. We have also been looking at other caravan parks mainly for the reason that Kay and Adrian will be here in a few weeks and will be starting to look for a park from scratch like us, so we thought if we had a look at a few we might be able to recommend a few for them to check out that will suit them for their visit.