Monday 12th May 2008, Perth.

Had a day today of catching busses and trains around the area and into the city. Perth also has a ticketing system when one can buy a ticket and it will cover busses, trains and what ferries they have. Collectively the transport system here would have to be the best we have experienced in Aus so far. We went into the city and had a walk around, and we are liking this city probably more than any other, then we caught a bus back up to Kings Park. Linda just loves Kings Park, and I don’t blame her. We went for a short walk around there and Linda has said when she has time, later in the year, she must return one day and spend probably a full day just looking around the park.

Perth/Doctors visit

Friday 9th May 2008, Perth.

Good news of sorts today with a visit to the Doctors to find out what my Gastric problem is. It turns out to be ‘Acidic Indigestion’, easily treated by pills, and a relief it is nothing worse.

Perth-Fremantle visit

Thursday 8th May 2008, Perth.

Went for a drive south of the city today to Fremantle and Rockingham area and as we left it a little late to leave we thought it would only be a get to see trip and decide if we want to go back later for a more in depth look. This is going to have to be a must to return there as the CBD of Fremantle is one that is different to any we have seen. The entire CBD is comprised of very old original buildings with no new ones that we noticed, with no building being over two or three stories high. The streets are also very narrow demonstrating that they were built for the day when built, being so narrow that when cars are parked on the side of the streets there is only just enough room to drive down between them. I am going to have to go back one day and take a heap of photos as we didn’t have enough time today. The area between Fremantle and Rockingham is another eye opener as the entire area, 20-30K, is filled with very large industries all having their wharfs for boat loading. In fact when we were getting closer to Rockingham we noticed a sign saying coastal tourist drive and a beach name ? so we went for a look. When we pulled into a parking area at the beach we were confronted with a nice enough little beach with a very long pier for boat loading on either end of the beach. When we finally arrived at Rockingham we decided that the first part we came to is obviously WA’s answer to the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, a very nice area with a large good beach and plenty of sky-scraper unit blocks. We are now really starting to realise that the scenery around WA is totally different to anywhere else that we have so far travelled.

Perth and more Dramas.

Wednesday 7th May 2008, Perth.

We are very nicely settled in now and consider that this park we are in would have to be one of the best in Perth. We have checked out the local area and had a look at a few things to do, but with the weather forecast not looking so good for the next few days we may not be able to do most of the things we hoped, but there is always later when Linda returns from Melbourne, or when we return from going north for the cooler months. We have had another setback with sightseeing as well: It all started last week with me developing some sort of gastric problem, I haven’t been able to sort it out yet because it has been hard to get myself an appointment with a doctor, but I do now have one on Friday. Linda has also indicated she has had minor heartburn as well so we have now started to suspect that our water tank in the van may have developed some sort of contamination. The water tank on the van has primarily been used for drinking water, being filtered before being put into the tank, so seeing all the water we drink comes from the tank, if it were contaminated this would explain our gastric problems. I decided this morning that we will not use the tank water any more and in the interim I have purchased a quantity of water for drinking. I had intended to get a sample of the tank water tested so we could confirm, or discount, our ideas but a quote revealed that they want $220.00 to do a test. I reckon it would be cheaper to replace the water tank and hoses completely for less than that, so for now we are going to wait and see the results of drinking purchased water, and also the results of the doctors visit on Friday, before we decide what further action will be taken. I guess if there needs to be any work to be done to rectify any problem I have the month I will be on my own while Linda is in Melbourne.

I guess now that we are settled in Perth for a period the reports on this site could be fewer and longer between.

Perth / Gwelup

Sunday 4th May 2008, Perth.

Gwelup is the suburb we are low living in, and will be here for the duration of our Perth visit. We made the move this morning and already we feel a lot happier. Kurrinyup Waters Resort is the name of the caravan park we are currently at, and it does offer a lot more than where we were: busses at the front gate, walking distance to shopping centres, a very neat and well laid out park with a lake at the rear. It also has a lot more fellow travellers rather than permanents so should be a lot more friendly with a better chance of me meeting others especially when I am on my own. At 5:00 PM and we are setup so I guess tomorrow will primarily be checking out the local area and shopping, then one day very soon I guess we will check out the public transport with the idea of using it for most of our touring while here.