Saturday 31st May 2008, Perth.

Yes I am still here, and have been rather busy working on repairing our tank water system. I have decided to replace the water pump with a more powerful one, and insert a new water filter after the water tank. After a few problem with leaks I have finally completed the task, and would you believe the beaut new water filter I installed still gives a horrible taste to the water, maybe it needs a lot of flushing before it comes good, we will just have to wait and see.

We have just had one of the worst storms I have experienced during our travels, I am not sure I have ever seen so much water fall from the sky in such a short time. There was a little hail but not enough to cause any damage as far as I can see. It seems to have broken now so I hope that it will start to fine up from now on.

Kay and Adrian are now not far from Perth, being at Mandurah about 60K south of Perth, so we will meet up some time next week with them having a train trip up here. I might even go down there by train one day to visit them.


Monday 26th May 2008, Perth.

I mentioned earlier that both Linda and I have suffered Gastric problems and it has been a bit of a saga since. It seemed that Linda may have gotten a bug called Giardia, but has since been diagnosed negative, so we now are not sure what it was. The problem I had seems to be a bug going around Perth and has been ok since being given pills to overcome the problem, I won’t know wether I am over the problem until I stop taking the pills. All this had led me to believe that the water tank in the van had become contaminated and has become a drama as to what I should do about it. It now seems that it may not be the water tank, which possibly relieves the idea of a $500.00 bill to replace the entire water system. I could spend $300.00 on a water test to find out once and for all, but that seems a little steep just for a water test, so what I might do now is treat the tank with Milton and do some modifications with pump, tap and filtering system and hopefully overcome the problem. This won’t overcome the WA horrible tasting water though, so we have decided to used purchased water for drinking for the duration of our WA visit.


Wednesday 21st May 2008, Perth.

I have managed to keep myself adequately occupied so far in Linda’s absence with a few tasks I had to do and some shopping. For Linda, if she reads this, I have gone close to giving up smoking because I have had trouble finding a tobacconist that carries my brand, and I did say that if I couldn’t buy any I would give it up. Alas I did find a shop today, so I guess the idea of giving up has gone, for a while anyway. I had a day of riding busses and trains today with a trip to Fremantle to take some photos that I didn’t get time to on our previous visit, but the same thing happened as normally does in a large city: Where does one start and stop taking shots when there is so much to capture. I did take a few but I guess the rest will just have to remain in my memory. We are expecting several days of rain from tonight so this will be an interesting period trying to fill in my time, I guess if all else fails there could be some sightseeing by car.

Perth, On my own again.

Saturday 17th May 2008, Perth.

Well here I am on my own again, and will be for the next few weeks. We had a scare yesterday though with Linda taking ill on Thursday evening giving some doubts as to whether she would be fit enough to fly to Melbourne. It was probably something she ate over the past couple of days and she did appear to recover somewhat yesterday, so she did in fact catch her plane. She rang me this morning and she did sound to be perfectly ok so all now seems well. I have quite a few chores to keep me occupied while she is gone so I shouldn’t have too much difficulty in keeping busy.


Monday 12th May 2008, Perth.

Had a day today of catching busses and trains around the area and into the city. Perth also has a ticketing system when one can buy a ticket and it will cover busses, trains and what ferries they have. Collectively the transport system here would have to be the best we have experienced in Aus so far. We went into the city and had a walk around, and we are liking this city probably more than any other, then we caught a bus back up to Kings Park. Linda just loves Kings Park, and I don’t blame her. We went for a short walk around there and Linda has said when she has time, later in the year, she must return one day and spend probably a full day just looking around the park.