Esperance, Great Ocean Drive.

Monday 7th April 2008, Esperance.

Apart from my walking around town yesterday taking photos, we did our first touristy thing today with a drive around what they call the Great Ocean Drive. This is a 50K drive to the eastern area of town along some of the coastline. It gave good views of the ‘Archipelago of The Recherche’ which is a group of many islands to the south of the coastline. I would normally like to put a decent pic here but photos just don’t do justice to the view we actually had, it was a little misty as well, so no photos today. I have put a few on Flickr though that may give some idea.

We will be staying here for a second week as we are now waiting for mail from Tassie, so this will also give us some time now for relaxation. Les and Jan left town this morning on their way to Perth and they were glad that we arrived here to catch up with them before they did head off.