Friday 18th April 2008, Albany.

After settling in at Albany we are now getting over our feelings of disillusion with WA. Albany is a reasonably sized city and is quite a nice place, in fact with the weather being as wet as it is if we can’t see all we want to in the week we had planned on staying we will have no worries about staying a bit longer.

We had our usual visit to the information centre today, but this time we were armed with a few questions of a type that one would not normally think to take with them:

1. There are so many towns around the area that end with the letters ‘UP’, this must have some meaning? Answer: The names are a remnant of an aboriginal tribe called Bibbulmun, and ‘UP’ means place of. Eg Badgerup means Place of wild rushes. Here is a list I compiled of some of the names: Dalyup, Coomalbidgup, Munglinup, East Munglinup, Jacup, Jerramungup, Needilup, Badgebup, Ewlyamartup, Pallinup, Gnowangerup, Kebaringup, Lake Toolbrunup, Carrolup, Nalyerup, Magitup, Kendenup, Woogenellup, Kojaneerup, Poronganup, Perillup, Quinninup, Perup, Manjimup, Callcup, Channybearup, Yeagarup, Peerabeelup, Balingup, Wandillup, Barrabup, Yoganup, Jalbarragup, Darradup, Boranup, Cowaramup, Metricup, Yallingup, Mullalyup, Cundrinup, Kirup, Wonnerup, Dardanup, Mungalup, Binningup, Wokalup, Warawarrup, Cookernup, Wagerup, Coolup, Marrinup, Wattleup.

2. I get the impression that all inland towns are reasonably small with not a great deal to offer for tourists, is this true? Answer: Most inland towns are mainly farming towns, and although each has something individual to offer, that statement is basically correct. I then asked for an example of some of the things they offer, she could not give an answer. I guess we will find out during out travels. This is the reason I made the point of being disillusioned, that we had planned on spending several months, later in the year, of touring many of the inland towns, it would prove to be somewhat boring if they are all small and not offering much. Again I say we will see what the future brings.

 After all that we went for a drive up two mountains within the city boundaries to have a look from their lookouts and some of the scenery was quite spectacular, but spoiled somewhat today with overcast weather. I have posted a couple of shots on Flickr anyway. We also saw some Lizards while on one of the mountains, photos also on Flickr as well as below, one shot was one on his lonesome and the other is a family group shot, basking on a rock in the periodic sun. We are now looking forward to some good weather so we can more enjoy some scenic tours.