Streaky Bay

Wednesday 12th March 2008, Streaky Bay.

300 K NW from Port Lincoln, still on the Eyre Peninsula, and we are now at Streaky Bay, See map. We passed through, and called into, several small towns on the way here today and decided that given time it would be nice to visit each of these places and stay a while, maybe some time in the future. Some of the places are Elliston, Venus Bay and Port Kenny. Streaky Bay is also quite a nice place as is demonstrated by the occupancy of the caravan park we are in, it is chock-a-block full, it is just as well we booked ahead. Fairly ideally situated, especially for the fishermen, it is right on the waters edge in the bay, so could be an enjoyable place to relax as there may not be a great deal to go and see in the district during the week we intend to be here. Those little towns we stopped at on the way: From Port Lincoln the whole of the coastline is part of the Great Australian Bight, and as far as I can gather almost the entire length is cliff face. On the trip today there were an occasional gap in the cliffs with an inlet to a bay and it was here that these little towns are situated, all being ideal spots for fishermen.