Streaky Bay / Cape Bauer

Monday 17th March 2008, Streaky Bay.

We went for another drive today to Cape Bauer, not far away, in fact on the other side of the bay that Streaky Bay is situated. The coastline is still much the same as elsewhere we have seen recently, quite spectacular, but this time with a little difference. This section has blow holes, although the weather and tides were wrong for us to see them in action, and an attraction called ‘The Whispering Rocks’. This consisted of a section of the cliff that has several small holes in the top leading down to the roof of a large cavern in the base of the cliff. When the waves crash into the cavern the wall of water forces the trapped air up the holes causing a whispering Whooshing sound. The difference between these holes and a blow hole is that these holes are on a cliff face too high for the water to be forced up, and this makes these a spectacle of their own. When we found the actual holes, there were several of them, and stood in a spot with the holes surrounding us the sound was something to behold, with the holes being of various sizes, from about 4 inches across to about 6-8 inches across, the sound from each hole was slightly different and the end result was a remarkable surround sound effect.

We are now wondering what we are in for when crossing the Nullarbor, as this type coastline is apparently consistent all the way across. We have so far been suitably impressed with what we have seen, so what will the remainder have to offer?