Port Lincoln/Coffin Bay

Friday 7th March 2008, Port Lincoln.

A nice rest day yesterday, well most of it. Linda went in for some more shopping so I spent some time walking along the beach track. It took me to the local wharf where I watched some fishing boats unloading Sardines. This may not be such a big deal you might say, but it was a new experience for me to see how they did it, which was by somehow, without damaging the fish, pumping them up a very large tube along with heaps of water, then the fish were fed into trays on trucks while the water was separated and returned to the boat for another cycle.

Today was spent at Coffin Bay, and we could have chosen a better day as it was too hot to do the couple of walks we had planned. The trip was to the local National Park and covered another area of the coastline, which again was very picturesque. We actually cancelled the last half of the trip as it was mainly over sand and dunes. I did have a tyre pump to reinflate my tyres after traversing the sand, but whether it was too hot to bother deflating tyres and then reinflating them when done, or whether we decided the scenery of the remainder of the trip was not as good as the first, the decision was made then and there to abort.