Saturday Evening 29th March 2008, Eucla.

For those concerned, as of tomorrow we will be out of mobile contact for three or four days. If anyone wants to contact us ring Linda’s mobile and leave a message, we can retrieve these remotely.

We had a look around Eucla today, not that there is much to see. We did find out a few facts about the town. It is a government run town with most of the 50 population working for the government at places like the quarantine station at the border, police, all 6 of them, Meteorology department and other misc workers. We had a tour around the meteorology station which was rather interesting confirming what I thought they did, but getting to see how and some explanations. One of the only tourist attractions is an old Telegraph station a few k’s out of town by the shore line. The most interesting thing about this old building is that it is almost covered in sand dunes, and the visibility varies depending on sand movement.