Eucla, WA at last

Friday 28th March 2008, Eucla WA.

This will probably only be a short one as it has been a long day today, not that we travelled a great distance, but we did a fair bit of sight-seeing on the way, more on that tomorrow. We are now finally in WA at Eucla, just across the border. See map.

One thing we are going to find hard to get used to is the multiple time zone changes after entering WA. The difference between SA and WA is 1½ hours, but they have adopted an interim zone between the border and Caiguna, a couple of hundred K down the road, having only 45 minutes time difference, and then have the other time difference when going past Caiguna. This is not the hard part though, as we also finish daylight savings this weekend so we also have another hour change to put up with on Sunday. The interim time Zone creates another problem with the TV reception being transmitted at Perth time, and the mobiles also operating at Perth time, so it is all getting too confusing. We have therefore decided, apparently along with a lot of other travellers, to forget about the interim zone and just switch to Perth time now and then end daylight saving on Sunday.