Eucla-More on the cliffs

Saturday Morning 29th March 2008, Eucla.

More on the Nullarbor cliffs: Although we were rapt with the scenery we saw of the Nullarbor cliffs, we were also a little disappointed. One of the supposedly better scenic points of the Bite was at the head of the Bite near the Nullarbor Roadhouse, there is a sealed road to the cliffs and apparently good constructed lookouts, but the land is owned by the local indigenous people and when it is not whale watching season, stories we have heard have them close the area off. There was in fact a blockade on the road with a sign saying ‘Closed for repairs’, but the story has it that when they can’t charge for whale watching they just close it off. I consider this unfair that they can just stop us from visiting what could be a very good tourist attraction whenever they fancy.

None the less what we did see was spectacular, but limited in getting shots of a lengthy section of the cliffs. There were several lookouts along the road that did give us reasonably good views anyway, and I have posted several shots on a web site called Flickr so check out the following URL. Flickr Photos.