Port Broughton

Thursday 28th February 2008, Port Broughton.

A short trip around the area to towns such as Wallaroo, Kadina and Moonta only reinforced the fact that we must return to SA and spend a full summer looking around. These towns mentioned are in what is known as the ‘Copper Triangle’ and as the name suggests was once known for copper mining. One thing that stood out was the brick work used in the area for buildings, like a sandstone brick, and after originally thinking I would not bother taking any photos, because we will be coming back, I just had to take a heap of shots at Moonta because the buildings were more spectacular than the others. If we had known last week what we now know of the area we wouldn’t be staying at Port Broughton this trip, but rather at Wallaroo, it is a much more interesting place with heaps to look at and do. Not that there is anything wrong with Port Broughton, but the scenery is much better down that area, that’s the way it goes though EH!