Tuesday 5th February 2008, Nuriootpa.

Remember ‘Ted’? our new companion: One of our fellow travel friends, Kay, couldn’t handle that Ted wasn’t dressed properly so the attached photo will show the result.

We had a little trip around the area yesterday, firstly to Gawler to do some business, and while there find some information on attractions other than the obvious, being wineries. We found an amazing feature not far from Gawler called the ‘Whispering Wall’. This is a curved dam used at the local reservoir for the water supply catchment. The curved wall gives some amazing acoustic features where as if someone stands at one end of the dam, and someone else at the other, 140 meters apart, they can clearly hear each other talk, even if they whisper. I don’t know if this is only a feature of this dam, or whether it does occur on similarly constructed dams. I do know of much larger similarly constructed dams in Tassie, but have never heard of them having similar qualities.

We also had a short drive around the area, and a view from a local lookout, and the scenery of the Barossa Valley, without visiting the wineries, is something to behold.

nuriootpa, SA

Sunday 3rd February 2008, Nuriootpa.

We travelled another 150k, or so, to Nuriootpa, one of these top named towns, and pronounced as it reads, see map. Nuriootpa is on the northern end of the Barossa Valley, we had intended stopping here anyway, but with Adrian’s health problems we may be here, or Adelaide, for a while. It is central to both doctors he has to visit, one at Barmera, and a specialist in Adelaide. The results of his visit to the specialist will depend on how long we will be here, or where. We will be more than likely to stop here for two weeks so it will give us a chance to have a good look around the Barossa.


Friday 1st February 2008, Barmera.

Adrian, fellow traveller, has had his return visit to the doctor and has an appointment for a specialist in Adelaide in a couple of weeks. This means we have made minor changes to our travel plans so we can stay with them until they find out what is happening. We are still going on to Nuriootpa near the Barossa valley, but we will be staying there for a least a week and then possibly stay there longer rather than move to Adelaide, depending on prices, until Adrian has had his consultation and possible further treatment. We will take whatever happens from there, even if it may effect our WA plans, after-all the reason we were going now is because they were. At the moment we are just relaxing on the edge of Lake Bonney in the sweltering heat until we move on Sunday, it is just as well we fitted the air-con last year as it is getting now a good run.