Nuriootpa, and plans have changed again.

Friday 8th February 2008, Nuriootpa.

All has come to a head with us three couples travelling together: Kay and Adrian this morning informed Les and Jan that they were not going to the West because after all the maintenance they have gone through lately with car and caravan they could not afford to do the trip, and then came and informed us. We had also planned on pulling the pin so it seemed like the time to get everyone together and let them know what we also planned. Our reasons for pulling the pin was that Linda feels she may need more treatment for her breathing problems, not that anything is bad enough at the moment, but if this were the case we don’t want to be across the west either, but be close enough to the Sunshine Coast if needed seeing that is where she has had prior treatment for her ailment. Isn’t it our usual story that plans are always changing, but I always did say that there are better time frames to do WA.

At the moment we do not know what our future travel plans will be, but we are going to Adelaide on Sunday with K & A as planned while Adrian has treatment for his health problems, and we will use this week or two to decide where we will go to from there.

On a much lighter note: We are extremely impressed with this area. There are quite a few small towns in the area that are well worth a look at with their very old buildings etc. This is quite apart from all the wineries if one is into that sort of thing, it seems that none of us are really into wineries, but we would not find it difficult in finding something to fill our time with sightseeing. We all went for a drive around the area yesterday and easily filled in a day and only saw a fraction of what we reckon is on offer. We would have no problems with coming back to the Barossa Valley again in the future.