Wednesday 20th February 2008, Adelaide.

A little bit of sightseeing was done over the past couple of days. We have seen most of what we did, but for K&A it was all new. Yesterday was a day for catching busses and trams around the area for a bit of a look, and one of the intended tasks was to catch the tram from the city to Glenelg. For those that know of the tram ride you might be interested to know that the tram line has recently been extended at the city end from the outskirts of the southern end of the city into the city via King William st. and North Terrace to the Railway Station and this does make for a much more interesting trip. The trams have also been upgraded to similar to those new ones in Melbourne, and Adrian was heard to say that they are more like electric trains rather than trams, and I probably agree.

We had a little visitor today as I was sitting in the annexe, a Koala came wandering past the door, had a look inside, then continued on his way. He wandered a little way and then climbed a small Gum tree, had a feed of leaves for a while, then moved to the branch intersections and nestled in for a sleep. That all happened about mid-day and he is still there now at 8:00 PM much to the amusement of all the oversees tourist going mad with cameras.

This is our little visitor, quite a big one actually.