Friday 15th February 2008, Adelaide.

We started off the day today with a morning tea provided by the park owners. These are a good function to attend as one gets to meet many of the other campers and swap a few stories.

This was followed by a trip to the caravan and camping show, and the Adelaide one is reputed to be one of the better ones in Aust. It was a trip filled with much envy as we did find a couple of vans we would have liked, OH TO HAVE MORE FINANCES. Even though we are very happy with the van we have, except it is a non off the bitumen van, we did find one especially that Linda did fall in love with. It has a lot to do with the way they build vans nowadays, and the large fridge etc. I did find an hydraulic jockey wheel come jack that I have had an eye on for a while now, but didn’t like the price. This one was reduced to a price I couldn’t refuse so I had to buy it. I am sure I am really going to notice the difference between it and the old one.

We also had K & A with us so I took them on a little tour round the city after the show as they have not been here before, and they were suitably impressed, they are now starting to see what everyone has been raving about concerning Adelaide. They are going to enjoy their remaining time here I’m sure.