Port Broughton

Thursday 28th February 2008, Port Broughton.

A short trip around the area to towns such as Wallaroo, Kadina and Moonta only reinforced the fact that we must return to SA and spend a full summer looking around. These towns mentioned are in what is known as the ‘Copper Triangle’ and as the name suggests was once known for copper mining. One thing that stood out was the brick work used in the area for buildings, like a sandstone brick, and after originally thinking I would not bother taking any photos, because we will be coming back, I just had to take a heap of shots at Moonta because the buildings were more spectacular than the others. If we had known last week what we now know of the area we wouldn’t be staying at Port Broughton this trip, but rather at Wallaroo, it is a much more interesting place with heaps to look at and do. Not that there is anything wrong with Port Broughton, but the scenery is much better down that area, that’s the way it goes though EH!

Port Broughton

Wednesday 27th February 2008, Port Broughton.

Port Broughton is a quaint little place, smaller than we had expected. We had a walk around town today, doing my usual thing taking photos. One thing that stood out was the one street we walked along that was lined with small holiday homes, we were looking for the other caravan park and my first thought was that we were in the park and what we were seeing were permanents sites, but further on we came across the park and decided they were in fact holiday homes. We also found out that the tides in this area, being the Upper Spencer Gulf, are different and there are only 3 places in the world that experience the same thing. The tides are called dodge tides, and the sea dodges its normal tides, ceasing to move from mid level for approximately 18 hours. The only other places where these tides occur are the Gulf of Mexico and the North American Coast. (This is an extract from a local tourist info sign) This now explains why we had noticed that the tides do not rise much from low tide.

The caravan park we are staying in is suffering from the drought, as are many others, and all the grass has died off leaving nothing but dirt. It is also very windy here and after going for our walk today we returned to find a very high layer of dust over every surface in the caravan, so it is essential from now on to leave all windows closed to hopefully prevent it again.

Port Broughton

Tuesday 26th February 2008, Port Broughton.

Ear ache was no problem, possibly an insect bite or something, in fact it is almost better today. There has been no hold-up with our intended move today so we are now in Port Broughton, about 170K north of Adelaide, See Map. We will be here for about 4 days before we travel around the tip of the Spencer Gulf and onto the Eyre Peninsula for a look around until Easter when we plan to be in Ceduna, where we intend making a decision as to whether we will be going to WA.


Sunday 24th February 2008, Adelaide.

Possible plan changes: This constantly seems to happen, but more on that shortly.

Linda, K and A went for another bus trip yesterday into the city to visit some museums and art galleries. I chose not to go with them as museums don’t do a great deal for me, especially accompanying Linda and K as they like to spend quite some time looking around where I only prefer short looks. They did enjoy it tremendously though, as I enjoyed watching the car racing on telly. One might wonder why I didn’t go to the track to watch the Clipsal 500 seeing the track is only about 10 minutes down the road, but I do prefer to see all the cars around all the track rather than just all the cars on one stretch of track, or perhaps I am just a “couch potato


Wednesday 20th February 2008, Adelaide.

A little bit of sightseeing was done over the past couple of days. We have seen most of what we did, but for K&A it was all new. Yesterday was a day for catching busses and trams around the area for a bit of a look, and one of the intended tasks was to catch the tram from the city to Glenelg. For those that know of the tram ride you might be interested to know that the tram line has recently been extended at the city end from the outskirts of the southern end of the city into the city via King William st. and North Terrace to the Railway Station and this does make for a much more interesting trip. The trams have also been upgraded to similar to those new ones in Melbourne, and Adrian was heard to say that they are more like electric trains rather than trams, and I probably agree.

We had a little visitor today as I was sitting in the annexe, a Koala came wandering past the door, had a look inside, then continued on his way. He wandered a little way and then climbed a small Gum tree, had a feed of leaves for a while, then moved to the branch intersections and nestled in for a sleep. That all happened about mid-day and he is still there now at 8:00 PM much to the amusement of all the oversees tourist going mad with cameras.

This is our little visitor, quite a big one actually.