Thursday 31st January 2008, Barmera.

Since we have been travelling with Jan/Les and Kay/Adrian, which is only after our fist trip together, we have learned that there are other things to consider whilst living in the manner that we do, and most importantly is health. Jan/Les and Kay/Adrian are a little more elderly than us and do have their health issues, and yesterday presented a problem with Adrian and his minor heart problems, if any heart problems are minor. A turn saw him placed in hospital for the day to have some tests, and at this stage we won’t know anything more until he has a follow up appointment on Friday. Kay has asked me at this point to mention something of the health system in this district, namely that they were quite surprised to find the service provided so far has been absolutely excellent and they couldn’t hope for better.

As I have mentioned in the past, we have learned that there have been reasons that we do not consider travel plans to be solid plans and can only be considered tentative plans. Adrian’s health issues have highlighted that health is a very influencing factor to consider during our travels because all of us are now of mind that we will now not even consider going to WA until Adrian has sorted out his problems and is fit to continue, even if this means we will now go on to Adelaide and sit there for a few weeks while he gets further treatment from a specialist. We have already decided to extend our visit here for another couple of days while he sorts things out and has some rest. We are still holding our booking for Maroochydore for this winter and have stipulated to the others that if necessary we will revert to our plans of going there and travelling to WA next summer.