Barmera, SA

Tuesday 29th January 2008, Barmera, SA.

We have now moved about 170k West into South Australia to Barmera, See Map, near Renmark and Berri. I have just remembered to adjust the different time zone, clocks and computer etc. This whole district is very rich in fruit, in fact they have their own Fruit fly zone even though it is in the same district as the large zone in Vic and NSW. We were told of the zone and there would be a check, but Kaye got caught with a big bag of potatoes she thought were ok, but they were confiscated, so one has to be careful.

We had an enlightening experience today with a truckie: Nearing Renmark we were approached by a semi and, as we often do, we had a conversation with the driver to let him know we would try not to hold him up. He then informed us he was not in any hurry and not worried about tailing us, and it turned out he was a local and then proceded to give us a running commentary of the area as we passed, and also gave us some info of what was in the area. This was much more than we would expect from a truckie, as most of them hate caravanners, so it was extremely welcome.