Sunday 25th November 2007, Deloraine.

We originally came to Deloraine for a couple of days relaxation before returning to Melbourne, and we have so far accomplished that rather well, but being here as tourists has only emphasised one point. I have said before and will say again that we are really looking forward to returning to Tassie one day to just do the touristy thing. I have worked at, and travelled through Deloraine hundreds, if not thousands, of times over the years and have never seen it in the same light as we have during this visit. We have never seen the beauty that this district, or at least the town, has to offer, we are now looking at it with different eyes I guess, and even though we have over the years seen most of the state, we are now realising that we were probably not really looking at it. I guess since we have been travelling this big country we have learned to really look at areas we travel, and are now realising that we may not have seen much in Tassie in the same aspect that we now do see in other areas. So I guess the next visit to the state will be for a couple of months of just touring around, and are looking forward to it.