Back in Tassie

Monday 8th October 2007, Launceston.

I am feeling rather tired at the moment with travelling on the boat last night, and not sleeping much, and then being awake an hour early anyway with daylight saving in force in Tasmania, but I should put down these words before the moment passes and I wake up tomorrow thinking in a different frame of mood. I then set up the annexe after arriving, and all this sort of thing takes it out of me a little nowadays.

I envisage that we are going to be a little busy over the next couple of weeks, with emptying the container and selling it and all the contents. The ad for the container in the paper on the weekend has had a lot bigger response than anticipated with about six people calling about it already. All have said they will have a look at it and get back to me, and so far one has gotten back with an offer less than I advertised. I told him that if we don’t get what we ask by the weekend I will call him back, and he sounded genuinely interested. It has been a long time since I have attempted to undertake multiple tasks at the one time so this is also telling on me.

The tasks don’t stop there though, as we are also considering purchasing a new car: I have almost decided on a Ford Ranger 4X4 diesel. This is not a simple task either as I also have to arrange finances to prevent paying tax on a Super withdrawal, so after commencing these arrangements I visited Jackson’s, the local Ford dealers, and they have a Demo model for sale which is identical to the model I was looking for. A return visit tomorrow, after an appointment with my bank manager, to get some prices will then enable me to possibly make some sort of decision.

Maybe one can now see why I am rather exhausted as I did only arrive here today. Oh, by the way, Linda is still in Melbourne and will be flying over on Wednesday, so at the moment I don’t even get her help that I would normally appreciate. It does make one realise that he is not as young as he used to be. Oh well a fresh start tomorrow to what could be a very busy couple of weeks.


Wednesday 3rd October 2007, Melbourne.

What a trip we had today, driving against gale force winds. We were forced back a gear for 80% of the trip and this doesn’t do much for fuel economy. We got here anyway and are now trying to put up with the wind. It seems that it is like this every time we get to Melbourne so I guess we should be used to it by now.

We are here for four days before we head to Tassie, so we should get enough time to visit the kids, and their kids, before we do head off.


Monday 1st October 2007, Albury.

One more leg to get to Melbourne, about 300K, and we have not enjoyed the rapid travel we have had to make over the past couple of weeks. We really would prefer to stop at each place for longer, but at least we have now found a couple of places we must visit again some time for a longer period. We now, even more, cannot understand how people could travel from the Sunshine Coast to Victoria in two or three days regularly every year.

We are now at Albury, having travelled only 160K, Map, and enjoyed the short trip for a change. We will be here for two days and then on to Melbourne.