Monday 29th October 2007, Launceston.

Wondering what we have been doing with ourselves lately? We, or I, have been spending quite some time preparing to get the new vehicle, Tilly, ready for towing, the trailer brakes have been wired, Power to the trailer socket has been provided, I have built a box arrangement for the tray of the vehicle so when we do get to load it we will be able to take a greater advantage of utilising space, I have partly pre built a small box for switching electrics to trailer and power sockets etc. Let’s not forget though we are waiting for the canopy to be fitted to Tilly before we can even think about fully fitting most of the above ready for travel, and I am getting to a stage where I really can’t wait for all this to happen, because I am now becoming very convinced that the vehicle is going to live up to all of my expectations. I have also spent today fitting a new car radio to the caravan to replace the old mini stereo that was on its last legs. We have also spent some time catching up with some friends and rellies and have several more to catch up with, out for tea tomorrow night and an ex work mate and his wife are coming round for lunch on Wednesday. For now it is just wait for things to take their course, and hopefully we will find some time to get to do some touring in Tassie before we head back to Melbourne.