Wednesday 24th October 2007, Launceston.

Things are now coming together with “Tilly Truck’, with the trailer socket and brakes having been wired. I have built a box arrangement for the rear tray compartment to maximise storage space and can’t believe how well it turned out. It was difficult to come up with precise measurements for the box because of the shape of the tray and the grooves in the flooring of the tray, so all I could do was use timber sizes as sold and fit them into grooves as close to possible as to what I thought was a good measurement and was surprised how things seem to fit. All areas of the boxing seem to fit articles to be stored almost exactly, couldn’t have worked out better. Of course I can’t load everything at the moment as it all has to come out because we don’t have the canopy fitted yet, but a couple of weeks and we will be able to load up and put the ‘Truck’ to a full test.

I today learned of a problem a lot of travellers must be having with their mobile phone bills. Most people I know that are using Telstra have the free hour, as we do, and it is this area where the problem exists. When one buys a new mobile they are then allocated a home base area, that is usually the place they bought the phones. In our case our home base was the Sunshine Coast. Now we are in Tasmania and in a different daylight saving time zone and even though the new time zone appears on the phone display all calls are charged for the appropriate time zone at ones home base, so all calls we thought we were getting for free, between 5 and 6PM, were actually charged as if we made the calls between 4 and 5PM and were not free. After making enquiries I learned that all I had to do was call Telstra and have our home base changed to the area we are presently at and all will be ok, and remember to do the same whenever we travel into a different time zone. It is a pity this is not more readily advertised as there must be a lot of travellers moving between states with different times that must be having the same problems.