Friday 12th October 2007, Launceston.

Linda has now joined me and is starting to regret all the work we have to do. I thought I was exhausted the other day, but things just haven’t eased and we are both feeling that way right now. We are well under way with emptying the container, with a final day of arranging things tomorrow, and delivery trips to the auctioneers on Monday. The container has been sold, or it will be when the cheque arrives in the mail. The deal was done over the phone and I never did meet the buyer. So considering that he lives in Deloraine, and Australia Post is so slow, the cheque still hasn’t arrived so hopefully it will be here on Monday. We are both looking forward to completing the container and resting for a few days.

The weather here is different than we have been used to. The days have been reasonably good being mostly sunny, but the nights: they have been getting down to 3 or 4 degrees, which we do occasionally experience in winter further north, but it seems so much colder than the cooler nights at those temperatures elsewhere.