Saturday 22nd September 2007, Ipswich.

We are on the road again. We have two weeks to get to Melbourne and not really looking forward to it being so quick, we have never travelled so far in less than a couple of months or so. We have to travel this quickly so we can get back to Tassie on time for a few chores.

We are now at Ipswich, not far south of Brisbane. We have never been here before so we decided to make our first leg a short one to get used to travel again, and have a short look at the district. It does seem like a nice enough area and would be worth a lengthy visit here one day. There may be a little more incentive to do so if there were more options for caravan parks here. Not that there is anything wrong with the park we are in, but it is the only one our information indicated was in the district. We went on a short look around town today, just to have a rough look, and stumbled across a lookout with a difference. There is a very large water tower on top of the highest hill in town and one can climb up onto the top of it to get 360 degree views of the area. We don’t intend looking around much as we won’t see much in just a couple of days, as I said it could be worth spending an extended visit here one day.

Sunshine Coast

Friday 14th September 2007, Sunshine Coast.

So much for the friendly nature of the panel-beaters: They are a company I would never recommend to anybody. Even though I mentioned earlier they were friendly, I now have the impression that was only because they wanted my business. After their assurance that the work would be done in two days I am convinced that without my pressure on them completing the job it would not have been completed until mid next week. They have never once shown any sort of sympathy, or similar, to my situation of being a visitor and have travel commitments to meet. Their work was a little shoddy, but I suppose acceptable considering the age and present state of the car, and they did overlook a couple of things like hinge seal covers, but they do say they will overcome the shortcomings. Anyway we do now have the car back, so we can now start to load it up again and make ready for our trip south.

Sunshine Coast

Monday 10th September 2007, Sunshine Coast.

Things are now starting to come together and we are in a position to make a decision when to leave and start heading south. At this stage it is very much looking like Friday next week, the 21st. One thing that helped in making the decision was a visit to the Panel-beaters this morning; I was surprised the see them appear to be very helpful and decided that the job must be done soon. I told them that this is just as well because my visit was to inform them that the job would be cancelled if not done this week. We are booked in for Wednesday and they assure me the repairs will be done.

We will be heading towards Melbourne along the inland route as there are a couple of places we wish to visit. We won’t be travelling in the fashion of most of the Victorians who come here for Winter, and get back home in a couple of days. We will be taking at least three weeks and this will be considered as a big rush, as we will only be staying at places for about two or three days instead of our usual week, so I guess there will not be much sight-seeing being done on this journey.

We bumped into and ex work acquaintance Peter, and his wife Vicky, over the past week or so staying in the same caravan park. They have also obviously gotten the travel bug in their retirement, and it would be nice if we were to meet them again in our travels some time in the future. We will be staying in contact, I guess, as we have exchanged email address’s.

Linda is back

Tuesday 4th September 2007, Sunshine Coast still.

Linda has now returned from Melbourne and enjoyed her visit with the grandkids tremendously, especially being able to have some prime time with Narrelle and Matt and their kids as they have spent the last eighteen months in England. She has been back for a few sunny days, but as I speak it is raining again, and looks like continuing for a few days.

We will be here for another few weeks, depending on how long Linda wants to enjoy the warmth, during which time we will decide when we want to be back down south for our return to Tassie, and which route we will take to get there.

I am especially enjoying Linda’s return as I had a miserable week last week with a tummy bug, and even though I have recovered it is nice to have someone to look after, and spoil, me again.