Queensland: Beautiful one day, Perfect the next.

Friday 24th August 2007, Sunshine.

Queensland: Beautiful one day, perfect the next?

I thought last week was an eventful one!

The last three or four days has seen non-stop rain and Gail force winds in this area. I heard on the radio this morning that we have had record rainfalls over the past day or two. At least it has filled the Sunshine Coast water reserves, but it seems Brisbane reserves didn’t get a great deal at all.

As one would expect there have been numerous trees blown down, houses and caravans damaged etc. I have been what I would relate as being fortunate being parked on the new site we are on. We seem to be protected somewhat by the permanent sites close by, and the weather has been coming from the south, which is better for us being parked in the direction we are, at least I can open the front doors of the annexe to get some air without the rain coming in, and at least I can sit out there where most others have had to pull down their awnings and sit inside all day.

One can’t even get out in the car for a break today as, according to the radio reports, we are almost isolated to the outside world with flooding. New reports of road closures are coming in regularly. Also there are the usual reports of rescues of people who attempt to drive through the flood waters.

For those that know the area: even though I haven’t been for a look yet, I hear that Pincushion Island, at the mouth of Maroochydore River, is once again an island. It has been, for the past fifteen years or so, joined by sand to the northern side of the river, but every so often with rough weather the sand is washed away and sometimes, with sand deposits, then joins to the other side of the river. This is what happened that fifteen years ago, prior to that it was joined to the south.

I feel sorry for the people who have to move on in this weather, and believe me there are quite a few packing up their vans to do so. This is the time of year that most Victorians start their journey back home after spending winter up here, and unfortunately some of them actually make bookings for their stays on the way and are committed to travelling whatever the weather. Not this ‘Little Black Duck’ our policy is that “If it is raining we stay where we are