Sunshine Coast

Monday 16th July 2007, Sunshine.

Our new fridge has now been installed and, as would be expected, it is working quite satisfactorily. In fact it seems to work somewhat better than the old one, then the mechanic did indicate that the old one would be a lot older than the eight years we have had the van. Perhaps, as one would expect, the later models are a bit more efficient and therefore work a bit better, I guess time will tell.

I mentioned number three the other day: Although it hasn’t failed we have been considering a new mattress for the bed, but when we got some quotes today we may have to reconsider. The main reason is that I have this idea that if we spend over $1,000 on a new mattress, is it going to be that much better than the one we already have? We will have to ponder this one for a while.