Sunshine Coast

Wednesday 11th July 2007, Sunshine.

I was about to once again mention that nothing much is happening lately, but to the contrary plenty has been happening, it is just that most is normal routine. With the usual things of house-keeping there are always new friends to meet, and the regular things like walks along the beach. I would hate for people to think that all we do is sit around and vegetate, it turns out that we generally find that we do not ever have a great deal of spare time.

Today though was a day out of the ordinary of late, with our awaking at about 5:00 AM to the very strong smell of ammonia filling the caravan, not nice at all. An inspection inside and out revealed that the fumes were coming from our fridge vents and then being blown in Linda’s bedroom window. Enquiries today have revealed that our fridge, this time the three-way one mounted in the caravan, had failed badly. I spoke to a gas mechanic about repairs and considering that a new fridge was only 25% cost, or so, greater than repairs, we have chosen to replace it with a new one to be fitted on Friday, hopefully. As Linda said, “It’s just as well we don’t have three fridges, as things generally happen in threes