Thursday 7th June 2007, Sunshine.

In the area we are camped at the moment most of the other campers are Victorians who migrate north for the winter. The majority of these are elderly retired couples and some are in the higher of the age group, like Stan and Beryl who are camped opposite us, Stan is about 87 years old or so. Last night while watching TV I heard some moaning noises that I didn’t think were coming from the telly, so I turned the mute on and sure enough the moaning noises continued. This is when it occurred to me that it must be Stan and a look outside revealed Stan in a crumpled heap on the ground outside his van. In his unsteady and fragile nature he had tripped on a guy rope and toppled to the ground. The fall had knocked the wind out of him so after letting him get his breath I, and another camper John, helped him inside his annexe and tended to his wounds. He has some skin off his arm and looked like he had damaged his rib cage. After cleaning his wounds and sitting with him for a while he insisted he was ok so he then went inside to bed. All this time his wife was inside in bed and he instructed at this stage not to disturb her, she had her hearing aid removed and wouldn’t hear anyway.

This morning I informed his friends in the park and they have organised a visit to the doctor. He was a little sore this morning and did have trouble getting out of bed, so we will now see what the doctor says.

Midday: Stan has returned from the doctor after having xrays and such, and it turns out that he may have only bruised his ribs and not cracked any. Good news for him as his recovery time should be less, although he is in a bit of pain at the moment.

Comments on this ‘BLOG’

I feel the need for a ‘Post’ with a difference, nothing to do with our travels, but just about this ‘BLOG’ and my computer ability.

Son Matthew has taken upon himself to give me some assistance, or ideas, to help make it a little easier for me to create these Posts, and I greatly appreciate any assistance I receive. My computer abilities are reasonably limited as I am basically self taught, with the exception of great tuition over the years from my ex-boss Tim, and my ability for design creation is obviously somewhat limited. When Matt created this ‘BLOG’ for me I considered that the design was reasonable and I was happy to leave it as is, but I think Matt expected me to change it. Then I am one of those elderly ‘Grey Nomads’ that get rather set in their ways, so when a new trick is learned it is difficult to accept that one should learn an easier method in doing the same thing, so the site will more than likely stay roughly as it is.

I have accepted Matts recent ‘Lesson’ in finding Windows Live Writer making it easier to create these Posts, hence the variations in text colour experimentation. I received comments, through other means than via this Blog, that my text colour selection, of what I thought was brown in the recent posts, was not very good and hard to read, so here is another variation that I at least think matches the rest of the BLOG layout.

‘GO GREEN’, seeing green has also been our main selection with our logo and such.

As I don’t get many comments on this site I have no idea of how many people are actually reading it, so it probably doesn’t matter what it looks like anyway, but it would be appreciated if there were a few comments on its appearance, or anything else. This would also give me a bit of practice on replying to comments as well.

Another aspect of this BLOG is that it gives me the opportunity to share my information of Television Reception details, as listed on another page on this site, for fellow travellers, full time or not. I probably wouldn’t expect anyone would read all the previous posts about our travels, but it would be nice to have an idea that some people are gaining something from the TV page at least.

I guess that I could certainly expect a comment on this post from Matt at least.