guilt feelings

Sunday 24th June 2007, Sunshine.

Since writing my previous entry on 22nd I have been left with a few guilt feelings. The first was when son Matthew replied to my comment about our lifestyle being our best decision. Matt basically said that surely things like getting married, and having kids would have to rate. I guess in the elation of the moment I showed one of my typical traits of putting down the words I feel at the time without giving a great deal of thoughts of what happened over the past 30 odd years. Not that I take back anything I did say, but I would have to agree they do certainly rate, apologies to family members.

The most important though, was the fact that I dwelt on the fact that my health is at a better level now than it has for a long time, when poor old Linda is still badly suffering from Whooping Cough that she picked up while in Melbourne, I really am feeling guilty about that point. This ailment is one of those things that will last a while, but I am sure when she does get over it she will consider that she also fits that category.