Sunshine Coast

Wednesday 30th May 2007, Sunshine.

Here I am at 5:30 PM thinking of once again how fortunate I am. I am hearing news reports of how it is cold and blowing in Melbourne, and snowing in Hobart, and at present it is 21 degrees here with forecasts of 16 degrees overnight. Ah, I could take this forever, and probably will.

The television jobs have started again, but the in-thing this year seems to be DVD recorders, units the same as VCR’s but use DVD’s instead. Three of them installed so far, and it does fill in some time, not that I really need it though.

The Waeco fridge saga: After getting it back from the first repair man with a new lid, things are no different with it. I found another repair agent on the coast so talked to them, and for a change these people seem to know what they are talking about. The difference this time is these people are actual refrigeration people, where the others were Battery World and didn’t seem to be able to do anything with my problem. Again we will have to wait and see what happens this time.

Sunshine Coast

Thursday 24th May 2007, Sunshine.

I have had a couple of rather productive days: Some painting has been done, having done several cupboard doors already, but having a rest day today. I had the couch seats cleaned yesterday and they came up better than I thought they would, we must use covers from now on as the cost of cleaning would easily cover the cost of some decent covers.

I went to the fridge repair man today to find out what is happening with the fridge, seeing he has had it for a week. I did return home with the fridge, and a new lid. It seems the old lid was quite warped and this was the only problem the mechanic could find, so I will monitor it and see how it performs.

We may see some changes in layout of the web site from now on, as son Matthew is giving me some tips on making it easier to update it. We started with a software tool called Windows Live Writer that is a tool specifically for publishing ‘Posts’ on a ‘Blog’. We will see what eventuates in the future.

Sunshine Coast

Wednesday 23rd May 2007, Sunshine.

Been busy the past few days doing house chores. I have started painting the cupboard doors again, as a few of them do get knocked around.

I also took the seats to a carpet cleaner today and had them cleaned, and they did come up well. After 7 years of sitting on the seats without covers they did get rather dirty in patched with my sweaty and grimy legs rubbing against them. It got to the stage that when I sat down the seats actually felt wet, so I think in future there will be covers used.

I also have the Waeco fridge in for repairs as it has started running for a longer period than normal. I did speak to the repair man the other day and he is a bit stumped as to what is wrong, so it could take some time to repair. He also thought it was drawing too much current even though I told him that what it is drawing now is the same as it always has been, but he says it is not right. Hopefully the fridge will be better after repairs than when it was new if that is the case.

Sunshine Coast

Saturday 19th May 2007, Sunshine.

A quiet day had today, I am hopeful of getting in a lot of walking over the next few weeks, but it has been slowed down a little with V8 car racing on this weekend. I did get a long walk along the beach in today, but am hopeful of a lot more in the days to come.

Sunshine Coast

Friday 18th May 2007, Sunshine.

On my own once again: Linda has gone back to Melbourne for a few weeks to visit Grandkids, so I am once again left to fend for myself.

The regular winter visitors from Victoria are starting to filter in so it won’t be long before the park is chock-a-block full again, and already I have been called upon to overcome TV reception problems. One who only learned about STB’s last year bought himself a new one with a hard drive, and is having troubles driving it. Turns out it only has one tuner and I am sure he thought he would be able to record while watching another channel, I had bad news for him.

A couple of chores done today leaves me to ponder what I am left to do for the remainder of time here, but I am sure I will have no problems filling in time. I have been reminded that the cupboard doors need repainting, and that will be time consuming.