Wagga Wagga

Saturday 7th April 2007, Wagga.

A well worth while visit to Temora today to the Aviation Museum. We had fully intended staying, and still do, at Temora with the main attraction being the Aviation Museum. We had heard several stories about it, and today’s visit proved more than what we had heard. The museum has quite a few old war planes of various types, but today’s visit revealed that they have all been fully restored and are in working order. Every now and then they have a ‘Flying Day’ and today was one of them. At $15.00 admission this proved a day of real value to see all these old planes fly with running commentary. Some larger planes were also flown in for the day from H.A.R.S. (Historical Aviation Restoration Society) on the coast somewhere near Sydney.

Linda was heard to say that on her part it was an awesome day as she had never seen these type old planes in action before, rather than just on display. Any other day the planes are stored in the hangars which are open to the public, along with many other articles. As I said we fully intend returning for a stay and return to the museum to check it out under normal museum conditions, so we didn’t bother looking at any more today, not that we had time anyway.