Wagga Wagga

Wednesday 4th April 2007, Wagga.

We returned to Lockhart today and pondered how it was such a pity there was very little mobile coverage in the area. This would have been a great little place to have spent a week. There wouldn’t have been much to do, in fact this trip today and the one the other day to The Rock would have been about it, but it would have been a nice green-grassed caravan park on the edge of a small waterway to just sit and not do much.

Another part of today’s trip was to Galore Hill with the idea of more bushwalking, but the walking was very limited. Then after The Rock I don’t think I could have done a great deal anyway. One aspect of the hill was the formation of small caves on one of the faces that were reputedly used by a bushranger named ‘Mad Dog’ Morgan as his hideout.