Darlington Point

Tuesday 10th April 2007, Darlington Point.

We arrived a little late after a troubled trip today to Darlington Point with an overheating wheel on the caravan. I had noticed that one of the rear tyres on the car was lacking air on Sunday and after pumping it up I have been checking it regularly. What has this got to do with the caravan?, just read on. When we arrived at Narrandera to purchase fruit after entering the fruit-fly zone I decided to check the car tyre again, and surprise all was ok. While I had the pressure gauge in my hand I thought I would also check the caravan tyres and almost burned my hand when I touched the wheel, see we got there.

After having trouble finding someone to look at it, either still off for Easter or too busy after what break they did have, I finally located a workshop that did look at it straight away. The wheel bearings weren’t tip-top so they were replaced, but the real problem was one of the retaining (return) springs had unclipped itself and come off causing the brake pad to constantly rub causing the heat. After another nearly $300.00 all now seems ok after arriving here.

Now that we are here I think we are going to enjoy a week long visit as all appears to live up to the stories we have heard. Darlington Point is about 50 k south of Griffith on the Kidman Way, and the caravan park is right on the edge of the Murrumbidgee river. It is ever so quiet here so the visit should be very enjoyable.

This is one of those many small towns we had previously passed through and said ” what a great looking little town, we must come back and stay sometime”. It is one of the few we have found time to actually return to.