Darlington Point

Saturday 14th April 2007, Darlington Point.

More tyre dramas: That slow leaking one on the back of the car went completely flat today. You might ask, “what’s unusual about that?” well it was supposedly fixed yesterday. While we were at Leeton I took it in to a tyre shop for repairs, they said it was only the valve so they replaced it, at a cost of $10.00. Bit much of a coincidence that it was the same one that went flat today, bit of a shame we are not going back to Leeton so I could stick it up-em. Being Saturday today and nowhere to repair it being open, it may have to wait until Tuesday while we are passing through Griffith, at least I might be able to claim it at Beaurepairs with my damage warranty.

We went to Cocoparra National Park today, about 30 kilometres north east of Griffith, and did a couple more bush-walks. This is of all places that the tyre went down.

We started off being a little disillusioned with the Nation Park to start with as the so-called graded gravel roads were some of the worst and dustiest we have used for a while. We first checked out a camping ground, but we would never take the van into it because of the roads, and we wouldn’t stay there anyway because the grounds are the same gravel and dusty surrounds. The first walk to a waterfall was rather disappointing, being rather small and dry, and the drive up Mt Bingar was a waste of time as there no scenic sites at all.

All was made up for though with the next two walks up gorges and creek beds. The rock formations were something to be seen, one being on the meeting of two creek beds and referred to as the Amphitheatre. The other walk was also up a creek bed come gorge with equally remarkable rock formations, but the difference with this one was the return of the loop walk was along the top of the cliff face of the gorge. Linda was heard to say that these walks were actually more rewarding that our visit to Carnarvon Gorge and I would agree. The difference is that Carnarvon Gorge didn’t offer any good views of the gorge itself, and even though the walks, gorges, at Cocoparra are of a lot smaller scale the scenery of the gorge itself was much better. Take nothing away from Carnarvon, it had its own type of uniqueness.

I will seek some reasonable photos and put them on the Recent Photos page in the next day or so.