Darlington Point

Friday 13th April 2007, Darlington Point.

Its a pity we chose to stay at Melbourne for so long as we now don’t have the time to see the towns we would have liked to. It also comes from us wanting to get to the Sunshine Coast early.

We went for a drive to Leeton today and decided that this is a town we really would have liked to visit. We are now going to have to visit there some time in the future. Linda tells me now that she had heard about this town before and has wanted to visit there for a while now. We actually considered today that perhaps we should have gone to Leeton instead of here, but the idea of coming here was for the peace and quiet.

We are now committed to our travels for the next week, as we are now waiting for our mail to be forwarded to Temora, so we can’t just change our minds.