Darlington Point

Thursday 12th April 2007, Darlington Point.

So much for our relaxing week, for today anyway: We have gotten an infestation of ants that we must have picked up at Wagga and we are at present fumigating the van. We are trying a ‘Bomb’ for the first time so we are at present locked out of the van for a couple of hours, I am now in the laundry come camp kitchen writing these words.

More on ants: where we are now we have a large nest of ants close by the site we are on. They are of those larger type that nest in a great conglomeration of nests in one area. The ones that if you jump on, or near, the nest they all scurry out to protect the nest. These are a type that don’t seem to want to get into the van even though they do climb all over it therefore not really being a problem. The thing is that with the ant rid that we put under the van, these ants seem to really love it, more so that others in the past. They have been all over the caps full of the ant rid we have put down and in fact last night when we checked them there were no ants around them, probably gone home, but the caps we placed there were also void of any ant rid, they had taken it all. We refilled them and this morning they are smothering the traps again, so it will be interesting to see what it finally does to the nest.

Anyway Thursday normally being my day for Internetting, downloading TV guides and such, I thought I would utilise the time locked out of the van to sit in the camp kitchen and do just that.

We are glad we decided to come to Darlington Point as this is such a quiet and peaceful location, not many other campers but those that are here are very friendly, that’s not unusual though.

We are also considering getting to the Sunshine Coast a week or two earlier than planned, not surprising, because Linda is talking of going back to Melbourne late in May and wants to be on the Coast for a week or two before she does, so basically from after here it will be just short trips and short stays until we get there.