Monday 30th April 2007, Millmerran.

We are now in Queensland, having crossed the border at Goondiwindi. We have now moved another 250 kilometres, via Goondiwindi to Millmerran, see map. We heard about Millmerran from Ida, her and Barry used to stop here on their way home from their Queensland winters. It seems quite a nice small town, good for stopovers, but I’m not sure I would spend a lengthy time here. I will remember it for future trips up, or down, this way.

We are now only one more stop from the Sunshine Coast, and are starting to feel that we are almost home. We were discussing on this trip today the difference between Tasmania and the Mainland by comparing how Tassie has all that the mainland has to offer but it doesn’t have all the boring bits between them. The boring bits are the long flat, same scenery, roads travelled getting from one place to another. I often used a description similar to this when recommending Tassie to fellow travellers, now I will adopt this version.


Sunday 29th April 2007, Moree.

We did have a good soaking of rain over the last couple of days, and so did most of NSW and Vic, and hopefully this is just the first of more to come. It is now looking like fining up, and after booking in here for an extra two days we should be ready to pack up tonight for another move tomorrow.

We had an interesting dip in the Artesian Pool Friday night while it was raining. Being 39 degrees it was nice and warm in the pool, but the roofing made of a type of shade cloth didn’t keep all the rain away as most of it soaked through the roof material and dripped down from everywhere above. It was also very cool on the walk back to the van, but it was all worth it. I dare say we will avail ourselves of the pool again today for the last time this visit.


Friday 27th April 2007, Moree.

Still at Moree, and could be for a while. Not long after arriving in Moree I told Linda that if there were anywhere that we should sit for a few extra days, I feel that it could be here. Every now and then we come by a place that just gives one a feel of being somewhere one could call home, and that is the feeling I had yesterday. It turns out we have no choice to sit for a few extra days as we are at present rained in, or more to the point we won’t move in the rain if we have a choice.

The long awaited rain in this area has finally arrived. It hasn’t been very heavy, and apparently most of it passed just south of Moree, but it is all very welcome none-the-less.


Thursday 26th April 2007, Moree.

First: Yesterdays post was not meant to be too negative about Gilgandra, as Linda pointed out it could have been. We had only intended being there for two days of rest only. There are quite a few things to do and see there, but we didn’t bother enquiring. Never-the-less I don’t have any major ambitions to return there.

We have now moved on from Gilgandra to Moree, see map. This trip was the longest we have made recently, being just over 300k, and the warmer weather is already telling us that we are near where we want to be. We have been here on several occasions as it is a regular stop along this route. The attraction is the Artesian Pools at the caravan park, being four of them. One pool is at 34 degrees, one at 35, another at 37 and the other at 39 degrees. The warning about limiting time in the pools for the first time is well warranted, and we will be looking forward to more bathing while here, Linda is planning another dip before bed tonight. There must be something with the pools as this is about the only time anyone will see me in water.

The pity with this town is the growing reputation of vandals and crime. One of the first storys we heard after arriving was how somebody’s caravan was broken into the other evening. Security is common sense when in caravan parks, but it is bad when one thinks of locking everything up of an evening.


Wednesday 25th April 2007, Anzac Day, Gilgandra.

Gilgandra is a nice enough small town, but I’m afraid it doesn’t do a great deal for me. I even had to force myself to walk around town today to do my usual thing of taking a few pictures, but if I hadn’t I wouldn’t have any memory shots. One is not going to find out these things if one doesn’t visit though.