Wagga Wagga

Tuesday 27th March 2007, Wagga Wagga.

How easy it is to change plans: We headed off this morning with the intention of going to a small town called Lockhart, 100 km northish of Albury, and 50 km South west of Wagga. We knew it was a small town and the main reason for picking it was so we could visit a place called the rock, a good bushwalk to a mountain called “The Rock”. When we arrived at Lockhart we found there was no mobile reception, well I had a little CDMA but there was nothing else, no Internet. We also discovered, well at least Linda did, that the Rock was a lot further from Lockhart as was originally thought and it was actually closer to Wagga, so the decision was made to go to Wagga Wagga instead. It is probably a pity because the town was quite a nice looking town, and very green, and the caravan park looked quite nice as well. We would probably have been the only tourists at the park, but it was situated on the edge of the local water, being a river or creek, and was rather lush with grass cover. It would more than likely have been a very nice little place to sit for a week or so, but we can’t do without phones, or Internet, so that is that.

We intend going back to Lockhart from Wagga on a day trip and have a good look at the town and whatever is in the area. We could also do and see a few other areas from Wagga while here, possibly instead of making very short trips with the van.