Friday 9th March 2007 Bright.

I took the panel-van on a drive to a lookout close to town today, and in hind-site it could have been a rather bad move. We were warned that the roads were only fire trail type, but weren’t warned that they should be classed 4 wheel drive only. It was just as well Linda didn’t come with me as she would have panicked something awful. Being very steep, narrow and loose gravel, it wasn’t a real problem going up as the car was under power, but coming down was a different story: I had to rely purely on my brakes, they are very good but one had to prevent them from locking up and skidding down the hill. This also turned out, with extreme care, not to be a problem, but I should have considered that we do carry a lot of weight in the car so it took a lot more stopping. I did get a good view of the township of Bright though.

A walk along the river today has further convinced us to stay here for an extra week because there are more walks around town that we would like to do, for exercise preparation for later, and there are other national parks we would like to visit, like Mt. Beauty and Falls Creek area.

This is a long weekend in Victoria so we are now getting prepared to put up with the influx of children for the weekend.


Thursday 8th March 2007, Bright.

We have now sat down and had a look at where we want to go between here and the Sunshine Coast and have decided that we have plenty of time to spare. Bright being such a nice town as it is, and offering heaps to do, we have decided that we will spend an extra week here. Such a nice place to just relax even if there was nothing to do.

After our walking yesterday I am quite surprised that my legs aren’t sore today, they are telling me they did a bit so it is a relaxing day today and see how they fair tomorrow.


Wednesday 7th March 2007, Bright.

We had a trip to Mount Buffalo National park today and fortunately did get in a couple of bushwalks. The fires just before Christmas actually went through this area and most of the walks were closed. What we did get in was good though, for exercise, especially the last one: a 1.5 km steep climb to the Horn, a large rock outcrop being the highest peak of Mt. Buffalo at 1,750 meters, my legs will tell me tomorrow what condition I am actually in. Following are a couple of photos showing the lookout at the Horn that I am surprised Linda managed to climb, being a little wheezy with heights.

This one shows the lookout at a distance.

This is a close up of the lookout itself.

We actually drove up to the base of the rocks, and the last 750 meters were the tough ones to climb. The climb was well worth it as the scenery, unobstructed 360 degrees, was something to behold. There were a couple of waterfalls as well, but with no water around and the tracks closed, they will just have to keep.


Tuesday 6th March 2007, Bright.

We are now at Bright, about 100 km south of Albury on the Great Alpine road. Map We will be here for a week and intend using this stop as an exercise period in preparation for some future bushwalking we intend to do. This is a very nice little town with plenty of tracks along the river and such that will suit our purpose nicely. We are not far from Mount Hotham so I dare say we will probably go for a drive and have a look. There are also several other high mountains close by that should be good for panoramic lookouts.


Saturday 3rd March 2007, Albury.

I am now sitting inside in the cool with our new air-conditioner running. Being nearly 40 degrees outside today it is a very welcome change, believe me. I do have a feeling that it could take a little getting used to though, as it is a little noisy, and it will take a little practice getting the temperature right. Again I am surprised that the firm we had install the air was the only one that I got a quote from that was prepared to come to the van and install it, maybe this one is actually more involved with actual caravanning than the others. I am also still quite surprised that this firm came in nearly $1,000.00, yes three zeros, cheaper than all others.

We went to the military museum yesterday and were quite surprised with what we saw. It was a well worth while visit, being extremely cheap at $2.00 each (concession) and the displays were extremely impressive, actually most of the vehicles are still operational and are going to be paraded at the opening of the new Albury bypass freeway tomorrow.

We should now be ready for a move on Tuesday, with the air now fitted, and my aerial patch cable for the mobile broadband unit turning up yesterday and I have it working, so there is nothing stopping us.