Tuesday 6th February 2007.

A little excitement today, for Piper the Cockatiel anyway, with Linda catching another Cockatiel. It was hanging around the van his morning talking to Piper so Linda thought she would see if she could catch it. Obviously being tame it came down to feed when Linda took piper, in cage, outside. It was surprising to see that Piper actually enjoyed the others company, as he has in the past gone berserk in the company of other Cockatiels, so they were both placed in the cage together. This only happened for a while though as we decided that we could not keep the both of them, and it seemed we would not find the owner, so we took him to the pet shop at Epping and they took him from us. They say they will hold him for at least a week in case the owners are found and then will attempt to find him a new home.

A couple of old friends, Kay and Adrian, arrived here today on their way to Tassie so it will be nice to catch up with them again, well I will, Linda is going baby-sitting tomorrow for three days and they leave on Saturday.