Monday 26th February 2007, (Albury).

I have been thinking that I may not put some items on the web site and only store them in my memoirs as some things I had considered may not be of interest, but what is the point of writing these words if they are not available for all to read. After-all the idea of this web site is to let people know what we go through day by day, so you are going to get it all.

We have finally had enough of the continual hot weather of late so we have finally given in and taken the first steps toward fitting an air-conditioner to the caravan. Getting some quotes today and talking to several dealers about same I have learned a little about how the unit is to be installed, and fortunately when the caravan was built steps were undertaken to build in the framework needed for support, and provide power in the hole already in the roof for a unit to be fitted. The hole is at present not just a hole, but has an air vent fitted. It now looks like the last quote I have to get tomorrow could be the one that gets the job. He seems so far to be the cheapest and could well come in $500.00 plus less than all others, he is also the only one that will come to the van to fit it, and the only one that came and had a look before working out a quote, so we will find out tomorrow.

We spent the rest of today continuing to eradicate the infestation of those little bugs, possibly tobacco beetles according to a local pest man, and I think we are getting somewhere. It is sometimes hard to tell as they seem to be in the wall lining and keep emerging, just not as many now as before.

We have now decided that we will stay here until we are sure we have eradicated them, and have had the air-con fitted, but hopefully this will all happen before Tuesday 6th when we so far intend to depart. We also have some touristy things to do while here as we still haven’t had a chance so far.