Wednesday 28th February 2007, Albury.

We think we have beaten the bugs, there are still a couple coming out now and then but a swat fixes them and they are now becoming fewer.

We found out today why we had so much trouble getting information about several bushwalks in the area, especially ones up to lookouts. It seems bushfires have recently been through the areas, not the most recent fires in Victoria, and the walks have been basically closed for re-vegetation, but one would have thought this information could have been given to us at the info centre. Linda has already commented, though, that the information centre at Albury Wodonga would have to be the least friendly and helpful we have been to so far. We actually left there thinking that we have already seen everything available to see, but we know this is not the case as most of the previous visits have basically been stopover visits only, without much sightseeing. After reading booklets we have found several areas and things we would like to do and these will fill in the next few days.

Some success over the past couple of days: We got the quote for the air-con, and he got the job because he came in at nearly $1000.00 cheaper than other quotes, and he has promised fitting before the weekend. I also got a phone call today advising that my new aerial patch cable for the internet unit has arrived in Aus. and wanting my current address to send it on, hopefully it will be here Friday, then all it has go to do is work effectively.


Monday 26th February 2007, (Albury).

I have been thinking that I may not put some items on the web site and only store them in my memoirs as some things I had considered may not be of interest, but what is the point of writing these words if they are not available for all to read. After-all the idea of this web site is to let people know what we go through day by day, so you are going to get it all.

We have finally had enough of the continual hot weather of late so we have finally given in and taken the first steps toward fitting an air-conditioner to the caravan. Getting some quotes today and talking to several dealers about same I have learned a little about how the unit is to be installed, and fortunately when the caravan was built steps were undertaken to build in the framework needed for support, and provide power in the hole already in the roof for a unit to be fitted. The hole is at present not just a hole, but has an air vent fitted. It now looks like the last quote I have to get tomorrow could be the one that gets the job. He seems so far to be the cheapest and could well come in $500.00 plus less than all others, he is also the only one that will come to the van to fit it, and the only one that came and had a look before working out a quote, so we will find out tomorrow.

We spent the rest of today continuing to eradicate the infestation of those little bugs, possibly tobacco beetles according to a local pest man, and I think we are getting somewhere. It is sometimes hard to tell as they seem to be in the wall lining and keep emerging, just not as many now as before.

We have now decided that we will stay here until we are sure we have eradicated them, and have had the air-con fitted, but hopefully this will all happen before Tuesday 6th when we so far intend to depart. We also have some touristy things to do while here as we still haven’t had a chance so far.


Sunday 25th February 2007, (Albury).

Slight change of our plans already: We went for a drive today to Bright, about 100 km south of Albury. Matt’s (son-in-law) parents went there so Mark (Matt’s dad) could do some panning for gold, so we went as well so we could meet them and have a look at Bright as well. We have heard a few favorable things about that area, so we killed two birds with one stone. The change of plans are that we are now going to Bright for a week when we leave Albury. We went for a walk along the gorge near the township, where Mark does his panning, and would you believe after taking our cameras all the way down there, we left them in the car. Hence it didn’t really matter as we would fully intend to do that walk again while staying there.


Saturday 24th February 2007, (Albury).

We finally got away from Melbourne yesterday but not without some dramas. It threatened to rain and with some shopping we had to do this limited what time we had during the day to pack up. The weather cleared after tea, about 7:00pm, so we finished packing up the awning then so we had less to do on moving day.

We also had another drama: We had for the past week or so noticed some very small insects in the van of a night time and persistent spraying with insecticide didn’t seem to be doing anything to eradicate them. During the day on Thursday, when Linda went to pack some more bread mix she had just bought, we noticed these small insects had taken over the food cupboards. This also set us back a few hours as we then made some attempt to get rid of them. We are now thinning them out a little and we have been to the shops to find something that might finally get rid of them. We found some moth traps that we are hopeful will work, time will tell I guess.

Anyway we did get to Albury yesterday thinking that after suffering Melbourne’s hot days of late, the nights might be a little cooler, but would you believe that it was just as humid and hot here last night as it has been in Melbourne, if not worse. The rain is falling at present so it is cooling down somewhat, so it may be a decent cool night tonight.

Our tentative plans from here are as follows:

We will be in Albury for a little over a week and we do intend stopping for at least a week wherever we do stop. We have been here on several occasions in the past and generally use it as a stopover on our way to or from Melbourne, so we are going to do the touristy thing this time. We are also going to change our moving day to a Tuesday to get away from Thursdays, shopping day.

We then intend to visit several small towns in the Riverina area. This is the area between Gundagai, to the east, and Hay, to the west. We have been through this area on several occasions before, passing through many of these small town saying ” This looks like a nice little town, we must visit one day” so now we are going to.

When we get close to time we need to be on the Sunshine Coast we will then make a move for that area.


Thursday 22nd February 2007, (Melbourne).

We were going to be ready for a long awaited move tomorrow, but! A few things happened today that have set us back to the extent that we may have to stay an extra day. Like, we discovered a nest of small flying insects in the cupboard and they had to be cleaned out. We have noticed a few in the van over the past couple of weeks but have had to put up with them as insect spray does not seem to do anything to bother them. The problem is not knowing exactly what they are.

It has also started raining, and is forecast for more with storms overnight. If it clears up in the morning we will finish dismantling the awning and make a move, but if it persists we will consider staying an extra day.