Friday 26th January 2007.

We have made another move, a little earlier than expected, but one that had to be made. We are now on the other side of the same caravan park, yes a move of about 500 metres. We were having a small problem where we were with blocked sewerage drains. There must be a broken pipe underground and even though the blockage is regularly released it just as regularly re-blocks. The problem was that our drain pipe was cut off at ground level at some stage to help with freeing the blockage and every time it does block everything backs up out of our drain being the lowest point. Our drain was right outside our door, so it finally became unbearable, especially with the wind blowing in the wrong direction as it was last night. Hence we are now on a different site, a better one, but a little more expensive, but the one we would have chosen if we were only staying short term.