Wednesday 10th January, 2007.

A reasonably relaxing week has been had. We had Grand-daughter Elly stay for a few days, and she enjoyed her time on her own by having plenty of time in the swimming pool. Linda is once again baby-sitting and staying over for a couple of days so this will give me another couple of days on my own.

We had a visit to Geelong on Sunday to catch up with a few rellies, and I did catch up with Annette, Dorothy and Sue on Friday while they were all at Annetteā€™s. Sue was down from Sydney for a few days and we all had a get-together.

I had a lengthy session at the Telstra shop today chasing up my “FREE” upgrade for my mobile broadband unit to the new Next G system. I came away with nothing more than what I had before I went there, but I at least now know it can be done and what units are available, but the general problem is they could not provide me with a unit with an external aerial, they had none in stock. My alternative is to go to a shop in the city to see if they stock the one I want.