Friday 26th January 2007.

We have made another move, a little earlier than expected, but one that had to be made. We are now on the other side of the same caravan park, yes a move of about 500 metres. We were having a small problem where we were with blocked sewerage drains. There must be a broken pipe underground and even though the blockage is regularly released it just as regularly re-blocks. The problem was that our drain pipe was cut off at ground level at some stage to help with freeing the blockage and every time it does block everything backs up out of our drain being the lowest point. Our drain was right outside our door, so it finally became unbearable, especially with the wind blowing in the wrong direction as it was last night. Hence we are now on a different site, a better one, but a little more expensive, but the one we would have chosen if we were only staying short term.


Saturday 20th January, 2007.

Mobile broadband: The Telstra shop in the city turned out, so far, to be reasonably helpful in my request for the upgrade. The unit I require was still not available, but they are endeavouring to chase one up for me. I am now waiting for a phone call to let me know they have one, the delay is apparently to do with a Xmas stock-take with the manufacturers.

The free subscription I receive to the caravan magazine has been helpful already with stories about the brake controller I have installed in the car. I have been hearing for a while now that there is a problem with the unit, but I haven’t been able to find what the problem is. The latest issue carried a story about the problem and it just happens that I have been experiencing the same problem recently. The unit turns on the brake lights on the car intermittently while the car is just sitting. I don’t know how long it has been happening, but we have only noticed it in the past few months. The story goes that if one returns the unit to any retailer they will replace it with a new one. I returned mine to where I purchased it and surprise has it that they actually knew about the problem so there will hopefully be no problems getting a replacement. I have left the unit with the company and am waiting for another phone call when the new unit turns up.

Other dramas have been happening with the car, as is only expected with the travel we do, when I took the car in for a usual service. I requested they check the brakes as I knew the pads were down somewhat. The check revealed that I really needed what turned out to be an almost complete replacement of brakes all round, meaning pads, rotors and callipers. Over $1000.00 later and the brakes do seem to be a lot better, but one will tell more when they are fully bedded in, and so they aught to be at that cost.

Other than this all has been rather quiet, with Linda doing her usual baby-sitting we haven’t had much of a chance to much else.

I did get a visit from Matt (2) who is at present in Melbourne, from England, for a short work related trip. He intended to surprise us, but Narrelle inadvertently posted the news on her new web site (blog) and gave us the address to check it out. We will get to see him some more as it seems that he will be here for a few weeks, much to Narrelle’s disgust.


Wednesday 10th January, 2007.

A reasonably relaxing week has been had. We had Grand-daughter Elly stay for a few days, and she enjoyed her time on her own by having plenty of time in the swimming pool. Linda is once again baby-sitting and staying over for a couple of days so this will give me another couple of days on my own.

We had a visit to Geelong on Sunday to catch up with a few rellies, and I did catch up with Annette, Dorothy and Sue on Friday while they were all at Annette’s. Sue was down from Sydney for a few days and we all had a get-together.

I had a lengthy session at the Telstra shop today chasing up my “FREE” upgrade for my mobile broadband unit to the new Next G system. I came away with nothing more than what I had before I went there, but I at least now know it can be done and what units are available, but the general problem is they could not provide me with a unit with an external aerial, they had none in stock. My alternative is to go to a shop in the city to see if they stock the one I want.


Thursday 4th January 2007.

Not much happening lately. Linda is baby-sitting for Matt and Lou and staying over for a couple of nights, and I am just plodding around home doing a few chores and getting internet updates for my TV records. I am also trying my hardest to keep away from the heat as much as possible.

I tried the free wireless internet the caravan park supplies today, and was surprised to find it worked rather quickly, or at least a lot faster than it had in the past. I guess there weren’t many users on line today.


Monday 1st January 2007.

I remember quite some years ago when our local 8-ball team had an end of year trip to the VFL Grand-final, and I was noted to say that Melbourne was just too busy, too many people around. I now can’t believe that we, along with Matt and family, actually ventured into Melbourne city on new years eve to see the fireworks. It seemed that the equivalent to the whole population of Tasmania was crammed into each block of the city, and a snail could have walked faster. It was good to see the grand-kids enjoy the fireworks, so I guess it was all worth it in the end.

We saw in the new year with Matt and Lou and spent the night with them. Their new house in Rouse St. Port Melbourne is in what I would consider a good location: There are plenty of walking/bike riding tracks around the bay, which is only a block away, and plenty of beaches to occupy the kids. The tram is only a short walk away so transport is no problem either.