Monday 4th December 2006, (Ulladulla).

I have gotten the idea that we have chosen the wrong location to spend this week. I am now thinking we should have stayed closer to the Nowra region, as most of the scenic points we would like to look at are a lot closer to Nowra than Ulladulla.

We had a short tour of the southern area today and one of the better things we saw were the dolphins swimming and surfing with the locals at Dolphin point. It seems the brochures describing some areas are actually blown a little out of proportion and they don’t turn out as spectacular as one expects, not that we didn’t enjoy the trip though.

We are planning a trip to the northern areas tomorrow that should be a little different, as we are going to take in a couple of lookouts and waterfalls. These are the sort of things I look for as the scenery is better when a larger area is covered. I am also hopeful of getting a picture of a mountain that Linda originally thought would be a good walk, but has since decided that it would be a bit too strenuous. Not that the idea of climbing the last leg up steel ladders up a sheer cliff face had anything to do with her decision. I did get a brief view of the mountain, called Pigeon Hill, but not good enough for a pic, so I am led to believe that I will get a shot from one of the lookouts tomorrow and her reasons should be explained in the pic.

I will say again that when we return to this district in a better season we will have to give more consideration as to where we stay so we can easily take in the scenic spots without doing hundreds of kilometres.