Tuesday 26th December.

An enjoyable Xmas day was had at Matt and Louisa’s, and we did the usual thing of stuffing ourselves with all the food and niceties that one would not indulge in.

We also visited Ida Markby on Sunday, wife of late Barry, and she was extremely welcome of our visit. She had a few chores for us to do, as she now lacks that kind of assistance, and we were satisfied with doing them as we received satisfaction knowing we had helped in some little way.

So much for that caravan battery I thought I had saved while at Windang. It did seem for a while that it had recovered, but last night I once again forgot to turn on the small charger while running the TV and the battery didn’t last very long at all. During the night Linda heard some funny noises from the front of the van, and I was awoken by a thumping, or popping, sound. This morning revealed we had no 12volts at all and tests revealed that the battery was completely dead. I reckon the noises we heard was the battery plates buckling and shorting out. The second battery from the car has now been fitted to the van and I will have to purchase a new one to finally replace it in the near future.

Something to also look forward to is helping Matt and Lou move tomorrow to their new house, I do hate this sort of chore, but I am the one with the panel-van.